Why You Should Choose Holosun hs507c?

Reflex sights are a hot item in the firearms sector right now. These small optics can be used with handguns, SBRs, and backup rifle sights. We are proud to present the Holosun HS507C HS507C Reflex Scope.

If you are a TL-DR type of person, then please read this. This budget optic works. This budget optic is durable and will fulfill your reflex sight gaps. Read hs507c review if you require more information to make a decision.

Reflex Sights Vs. Iron Sights.

We could go on and on about science, but we will spare you the jargon. Reflex sight are designed for speedy target acquisition and ease of use under stress. Iron sights require more training and take longer to get a good sight picture. Iron sights have more room for error because the shooter must keep track of both the front and rear-sights to maintain a correct sight picture. This is not a problem when you can simply use the reflex sight to place the reticle on the target.

Although experienced shooters can achieve amazing results with both sight types, the reflex sight is easier and quicker to use for those who are less skilled. There are many factors to consider. It is possible that the iron sights will produce better results for more experienced shooters. The reflex sight is a great option for the inexperienced shooter.

Despite this, we believe that reflex style sights will be the future of modern shooting and are well worth the investment as the technology will continue to improve.

This is the most common reflex sight that you will find if you have been looking for one for your AR pistol or handgun. The Holosun HS507C HS0_ Reflex Sight has one of the most affordable options in the current reflex sight market. This thing is ready to mount on any pistol that has a reflex sight cut. There are many other mounting options.

This parallax-free optic has ten brightness settings for day and night, so it can handle just about any task you throw at it. The solar fail-safe dual power system is included and can provide up to 200,000 hours of battery time with the dot light reticle set at five. However, the battery will last approximately 10,000 hours in daylight settings, which still gives you 416 days of running time.

You, like many people, enjoy reading reviews before purchasing a product. If you’re like us, you probably enjoy reading multiple reviews of a product before you buy it.

Range Performance.

Our Holosun reflex eye was run on the MP17 system by Flux Defense. Mounting the MP17 is easy because there is a small plate specifically designed for reflex sights. All of our testing was done on the Sig P320 X5 system, which we converted to the MP17. Our results were amazing.

We found the circle option with dots to be the best of the three options for reticles. While this will always be a personal preference, it is something worth noting before we move forward. We only cycled 9mm ammunition through the optic.

Reflex sight’s parallax-free nature made it easy to use and obtain the reticle. The Holosun was reliable and durable throughout our testing. It took 12 rounds to zero it. The optic also held zero indoors after being taken off-site for firing in cold conditions. We also ran a series of drop tests to ensure that nothing moved beyond zero.

During our range testing, the Holosun HS507C was very responsive and we were extremely pleased with its performance. This product is easy to recommend to anyone who wants to be involved in reflex sight.

Our Recommendations for Use.

A product such as this can only be used in so many ways that we cannot make any recommendations. There will be many uses for this product and each person will have a different experience. We recommend that you use the Holosun for any reflex sight gaps in your life.

This optic is ideal for your everyday carry handgun or AR/AK Pistol. This optic can also be used as a backup or canted weapon sight for a full-size rifle. This optic is also reasonably priced so you can have multiples to fill the reflex sight task for different weapons.

Please let us know how you use yours in the comments.

Final Thoughts about the Holosun Hs507C Reflex Sight.

The high-end price range is $355 MSRP. This optic offers a lot for your money. We have no issues with the HS507C Reflex Scope from Holosun. It is much cheaper than other optics and performs the same functions as those at a higher price point. This is a great option for those who want to buy with confidence.