Tips and Tricks For Dislyte Game

Dislyte by Lilith Games is a stylish RPG with an urban backdrop that pits strong legendary characters against other mythological villains. This game is deserving of inclusion in our monthly list of the best Android games for May 2022 thanks to the interspersion of historical and cultural topics with crisp animations and a delicious soundtrack made up of contemporary R&B and Electronica music.

Dislyte’s intrinsically complex methods for creating teams of extinct gods known as Espers are arguably its biggest draw. In order to introduce new players to the foundations of Dislyte, we at Android Police have created a starter’s tutorial. Building out your first team will be simple after doing it this manner.

Combat system

Battles are turn-based, requiring careful use of your abilities and effective teamwork to defeat your foes while occasionally facing many waves at once.


Up to five Esper units can be deployed simultaneously; the first three are positioned in the front row and the last three are in the back row. Positioning is important only to your captain. Since the leader passive is advantageous to every Esper, your commander should be seated in the front row.

Types of Elemental

The rock-paper-scissors method is used by Dislyte to determine how different elemental kinds interact.

  • Wind triumphs over Flow.
  • Flow triumphs over Inferno.
  • Inferno triumphs against Wind.
  • Shine has no bias.

A 15% increase in critical chance (greater damage that scales off of the Esper’s critical damage stat) and a 50% chance of triggering counter (damage that does 30% more than expected damage) are received when attacking with an element that has an advantage over the target’s elemental type. Attacking with a weaker element has a 50% chance of missing (doing 25% less damage than anticipated).

Taking care of your cooldowns and turn sequence

The speed value and action points of an Esper influence the order of turns. If all Espers have 100% of their action points, they will move forward first. Your skills have a cooldown shown by a number that increases when you use them. The number represents the amount of turns your unit must wait until the ability becomes available once more. Speed and action points can be changed by buffs and debuffs.


Your playable game units are espers. A squad of up to five Espers may be formed. Espers are assigned a star rating and role. Legendary Espers are 5-stars and the most difficult to obtain, however epic Espers are guaranteed to be at least 4-stars with twenty spins (pulls), making them easier to obtain. There are many powerup options available, including the ability to use resonance to raise the star rating all the way up to six stars.

Roles and elemental types are used to categorize your Espers. The Dislyte Lilithgames positions are:

  • DPS (focused on high attack/damage).
  • (High defense/damage soaking) Tank.
  • Support (abilities focused on healing, buffs, and debuffs).
  • Controllers (abilities used to manage turns and AP).
  • Shimmer, Wind, Flow, and Inferno are the different sorts of elements. The effectiveness of your Esper in combat depends on matching elemental kinds.

Get additional Espers by going to “Echo.” You can spin (pull) at the Record Player once or ten times by using Gold Records; if you haven’t drawn a Legendary Esper yet, you’ll get one on your 120th spin.

You’ll get your first Legendary Esper for free, so we advise spending money on it and assembling a team around it. Play through the tale and complete the courses and achievements to earn more Gold Records.


By putting relics on your Espers and improving them, you can increase their stats. You won’t find many relics in the early levels, so focus on arming a few units at a time and let the others scrounge through your leftovers. Sets eventually become farmable as you progress through the “Ritual Miracle” trials.

The stronger the base stats of a relic are determined by its star rating, thus it’s better not to overspend on two- and three-star relics since you’ll replace them with four- and five-star relics. Then, relics are divided into primary stats and secondary stats. You should always aim to match the best primary stats on your Espers before concentrating on sub-stat optimization as you gather more relics.

Your two main choices are equipping and improving. Focus on equipping your fighting units first because you won’t have a lot of relics available when you start because entire sets will unlock bonuses. Your relics level up via enhancing (costing Gold). A new sub-stat is acquired every three levels, or one of your current ones randomly advances in level. Keep in mind that improving isn’t always successful and that every try will cost Gold, regardless of the result.

Advice: Try to build your Espers with their roles in mind. You should look for relics that increase attack percentage, critical rate, and critical damage if your Esper is a DPS (fighter).

Achieving legendhood

Dislyte faithfully develops its ideas and environment, and it will keep doing so. Additionally, when new Espers begin testing and changing the meta, theory-crafting new teams and builds appears to have no end. By downloading Dislyte from the Play Store widget below, you can judge for yourself whether it offers the tactical and team-building appeal you’re looking for. If Dislyte’s quality and aesthetic aren’t quite enough for you, there are a ton more games in our roundup of the greatest Android games that you can check out.