Reddit Tips and Tricks

In the world of social news, Reddit is one of the most popular places to post links and information. Users can vote for or against other people’s content. Reddit’s ‘Karma’ points are designed to keep spammers from posting links in a random manner. Links can only be posted in a certain number of places on the site, so don’t come here if you’re a spammer looking for a place to paste your links in random places. As a result of the platform’s strict anti-spam policies, spam is quickly removed from the site. Karma points are earned when a user’s link is commented on or voted up.

A popular social media news platform, people are still not getting the most out of it despite its popularity. In this post, we’ll cover some very useful and interesting Reddit tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of it.

1. There is a lot of value in subreddits

Subreddits on Reddit are extremely important if you are new to the site. The categories created by millions of Redditors to organize their content are called subreddits. In each subreddit, you’ll find a specific topic, such as educations or computers or Windows or health. When submitting a link, you must choose the Subreddit most closely associated with the link’s topic. There are many subreddits to choose from, so it’s important to pick the right one for your posts to get the most attention. Tips and tricks on how to use Reddit.

2. Use Reddit to create a slideshow of photos

There is a simple way to view images from any subreddit by creating a slideshow. Simply go to your desired Subreddit page and change the URL a little bit. This Subreddit’s image slideshow can be seen by appending the letter “p” after Reddit in the URL. After selecting the subreddit you’d like to view, the URL will look like https://www.r/flower, but with a letter ‘p’ added so you can see a beautiful slideshow of all images of flowers that have been posted on Reddit by other users, such as this one.

3. Create and use MultiReddits to spread your content

A MultiReddit can be created by grouping together a number of similar subreddits, and then adding the subreddits to it. To set up a MultiReddit, log into your Reddit account and go to the left panel of settings, click on Create and follow the instructions. Consider the genre of the content when naming your new MutliReddit.

4. Tips for commenting on Reddit

Karma Points on Reddit are largely based on comments. While it’s critical to comment in a meaningful way, it’s also helpful to use effects like line breaks, bold/italic, or strikethrough to draw attention to your message.
Line breaks and new paragraphs can be displayed by placing two spaces at the end of each line.
Italicize your word by placing it between two asterisks **word**, and bold your text by placing it between just one like *word*. To strikethrough text, simply type the word itself.
You can use emoticons in your Reddit comments by inserting them using Unicode. Emoticons enhance the expressiveness of your writing. For example, the (?_?) emoticon conveys your disapproval of something.

5. The fifth button is a random one

Use the Random button on your top menu ribbon if you haven’t done so yet! When you press the Random button, a list of random Subreddits is displayed. So, if you’re sick of seeing the same old subreddits on the front page, keep clicking the Random button. For example, clicking on the CampfireCooking subreddit may take you to the JavaScript subreddit, or vice versa.

6. Reddit’s mobile app is now available in Reddit Mobile Mode

The Reddit mobile app is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Adding a I to the main URL will take you to Reddit on mobile.

7. Subreddits can be unblocked

While it’s common to come across some subreddits that have been blocked in the office, it’s not a problem. There are two ways to unblock them: use HTTPS or add “+” at the end of your blocked Subreddit’s name.

8. It’s time to raise your Karma Points

Slowly but surely, this works. Karma points can be gained by commenting on popular subreddits. Karma points can be gained by posting short but relevant comments, but it isn’t necessary to write a lengthy one. As you answer the frequently asked questions, you’ll gain a lot of Karma. Your answer should be amusing but also plausible. ‘More upvotes’ equates to more points in the Karma meter. To read about and get more upvotes you can visit upvote shop.

9. Using the Reddit Enhancement Suite, shortkeys can be easily implemented

In addition to saving time and enhancing productivity, keyboard shortcuts (shortkeys) can also be useful. A better Reddit experience is assured with the use of keyboard shortcuts. Installing the Reddit Enhancement Suite is required to use these shortcuts.

10. Make Several Reddit Accounts

If you’re using Reddit for digital marketing, it’s a good idea to have multiple accounts. Set up a personal account, a marketing account, and a backup account, if necessary. Creating a Reddit account is simple and fast. Do not forget to market with accounts that are at least a few months old.