Minecraft Mods To Try Out This Year

A game is not all that Minecraft is. It’s a widely accepted educational tool that teachers have credited with improving pupils’ problem-solving abilities. The availability of countless mods, which allow you to alter anything from your character’s hair color to the environment, contributes to the attraction. However, there are so many options available that it can be confusing to know where to begin. Here are the top kid-friendly mods we think will be essential in 2022, along with instructions on how to obtain mods for Minecraft. Both novice users and experienced players will love our top options.

The top mods for Minecraft in 2022

These are some of the most thrilling mods for the vanilla PC version of Minecraft, in no particular order.

1. Carry-on bag (1.14.4/1.15)

The limited number of goods you can hold at once in Minecraft is an annoying feature – visit RBX Paste. It can be challenging to decide what to keep, which is why the Backpacked mod is so helpful. You now have nine more slots in your inventory to store your priceless stuff thanks to this inventory upgrade. Like in real life, it’s composed of leather and rests on your back.

It keeps your inventory safe even if you die, so use it to store valuable or uncommon items that you don’t want to lose. This backpack is made from leather in the same manner as a chest is, and once it is in your inventory, you can get to it by pressing the B button.

Wooden Golems, second (1.14.4)

You can create your own golems to fight off monsters that stand in your way using the Wooden Golems mod. These wooden sidekicks are equipped with a bow or a sword. Put your preferred weapon in the weapon slot, then swap between them by right-clicking.

To defend your wooden golems, add armor, but be aware of any smoke they emit. It means they aren’t in good health and require a golem repair kit. Keep these golems close to you to serve as your personal security against predators or use them to guard a perimeter. Use a control rod to compel the golem to follow you.

3. Talking heads (1.14.2)

While crowded servers are enjoyable to play on, they can make it challenging to listen in on conversations. Consider using this Chat Bubble mod rather than attempting to observe both your character and the chat lines at once.

Each player’s chat is placed above their heads so that all you have to do to follow along is observe each character. It’s excellent for chatting with folks who are nearby.

4. The Solar System mod (1.2.5)

The Solar System mod lets you add Pluto and the other eight planets from our solar system to your Minecraft globe. These planets have a variety of characteristics, such as different temperatures, distinctive colors, and dirt that is particular to each one.

You use fire to open a portal frame so you can travel to each planet. One can enter Mercury, for instance, by illuminating a gold block doorway. To find out which planet you can reach next, try with the different portal colors on each planet.

5. VerticalRedstone (1.3.2)

You’re in luck if you’ve been annoyed by the inability to wire vertically along Redstone walls. You can save time and resources by installing wiring straight up a wall with the help of the VerticalRedstone mod.

No. 6 Realism (1.7.10)

Despite being a game that youngsters like, adults also like playing Minecraft. Additionally, the Realism patch makes gaming more realistic by altering how you construct and what specific equipment can do. You’ll need to put in more effort to create boards from a log rather than doing it with just one click.

Examples comprise:

  • To create your own tools, smelt crude copper ore into refined copper.
  • Instead of using sticks, switch to tool rods, which are more durable and useful for a range of crafts projects.
  • Threaders made of wood, iron, emerald, or gold are used to spin cloth.
  • With a handsaw you may also use as a weapon, make boards out of larger pieces of wood.

This mod is for you if you desire a more realistic Minecraft experience.

7. Siemens-Schuckertwerke Akkulok upgrade for “Forge” Rails of War (1.7.10)

This mod, which provides you with vintage trains, armored locomotives, tracks, switches, and everything else you need to build your own railway system, will appeal to fans of trains. A good understanding of the topography and the proper methods for building the ties and rails are necessary to build the track and add your trains, which is where the fun lies.

Additionally, coal fueling, speed control, and cargo loading are required for trains. This hobby train set has every feature you could ask for, but it’s entirely digital.

8. Magical Wolves

With the fairly complex mod Enchanted Wolves, you may control and customize a whole wolf pack. Make leather and diamond collars for your domesticated wolves. Even better, you can enchant the collars to grant your wolf benefits and immunity from your weapons.

Everything from speed to toughness and buffness is offered by enchantments. Additionally, you can construct a Resurrection wolf that teleports back to you after it dies or enchant them to become a Hellhound with increased health. This might be the next best thing if you’ve always desired a dog as a pet.

9. Ice Mountains of the World

This mod can be useful if, when playing Minecraft, you decide that your world has to look radically different. See what additional activities you can perform by adding an Ice Mountain or Ice Island. Just be advised that certain regions are exclusively for skilled players and are rather experimental.

No. 10 AstikorCarts (v0.1.2.7)

Carts that may be fastened to horses or other animals can be found in this MIT-created and licensed mod. To hitch up or release a neighboring cart, just press “R,” or you can carry the cart yourself. You can adjust the speed of your cart anyway you like.

Aside from carrying double chest goods, carts can also be used to carry friends. Other carts can perform additional jobs, such as the plough, which can convert soil into a route for you to travel on or carry your tools as inventory.

Additional Mod: Flying Bees

It’s understandable why Minecraft is a PC game that’s a must-have year after year with so many ways to play. It’s also the reason we found it difficult to narrow down the top 10 Minecraft mods and ended up including this one.

A novel approach to make your world buzz is with the Rideable Bees mod. If you tame them with honey, you can board for a thrilling flight of adventure after you spot the hearts. Just keep in mind that because you weigh a lot for a bee, they may find it difficult to climb hills while carrying you. Before you may remount, you must fasten a lead to their body and pull them to a higher location.

How to download mods for Minecraft

There are many places to get mods, so learning how to install them safely from reputable sources is crucial. Starting out, stick to the popular collaboration sites, which will contain comments and updates about how other people are finding the mods as well as instructions on how to use them. Before submitting their work, mod authors should adhere to a set of guidelines. Safe links for the mods we assessed are also given in this article. Only download from websites that expressly demand that mods be:

  • Even if they aren’t in the final version, they still work
  • Original work that hasn’t been copied from other sources
  • family-friendly, free of profanity, drugs, and offensive violence
  • Free of ideas for cheating, including hacking or griefing

If any mod download site has a community, make sure the rules are upheld and that harassing or harmful behavior is not supported or promoted.

Before permitting downloads, it is the parent’s or teacher’s responsibility to review the website, so do your research on any site your child requests to utilize for projects.

Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that they work with the Minecraft version you have. The instructional themes that are used in classrooms change between console and PC versions. Check the version notes at each download site to determine whether your game is compatible for the best experience.

Read the documentation carefully before clicking the “download” button because most mods come with detailed instructions on how to download and install them. You’ll need this location to access the downloaded files later, so keep track of where you told them to save.

How to install mods in Minecraft

When you have the desired mod, use these instructions to install it and utilize it in your game. For each mod to function with your game version, there will be a distinct set of instructions. Different strategies will be used for console, PC, and custom systems like Raspberry Pi. To avoid losing your progress if you encounter any problems, make sure you have a backup of your current Minecraft game. If needed, you can always turn to this initial backup. Use a management tool like Forge to download and install mods with little prior knowledge and access to a selection of mods.

If necessary, right-click the file or folder and choose Extract to extract the mod file. The same folder path will be used to save this new file at a new location.

Press Ctrl+C to copy the mod file (you can tell it’s the appropriate one because it has a.jar extension).

Open Minecraft from the Start menu or your desktop.

Choose the most recent release.

By selecting the green arrow next to the game directory on the right, you can find the folder where your Minecraft installation is stored. Program files for Minecraft should be viewed.

Open the Mods directory.

Click anywhere in the Mods folder with your cursor, then press Ctrl+V to paste the mod file you previously copied.

You can now begin using your new mod because it has been installed. Search for the mod’s name in your menu, but keep in mind that it could not be the precise name you gave it.

Other mod advice

One of the top children’s computer games is Minecraft, which is accessible on a variety of platforms. Along with console versions, the game also has Mac and smartphone variations. Not every version that is now being played can be altered because not every version is the same.

Play if you can on a PC.

The upgraded, complete version of the PC game can typically use the majority of mods. This is the way to go if you want the most adaptable experience conceivable. On the Windows 10 operating system, this game is played frequently and offers excellent gameplay.

Other versions don’t have the same mod support.

For the Pocket Editions for mobile devices as well as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo versions, there are some packs and extras that you may download or purchase (Minecraft PE). They lack the same modifying skills, though. Additionally, the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and the regular game played on a Windows 10 operating system are frequently confused by users. Check the instructions for any game you buy to be sure you’re getting the correct version because there are two separate game versions.

The final things to consider

If you’re still unsure, you may check user reviews to find out how other people use the game and what features they like. Many players have expressed disappointment upon learning that you cannot add new mods to the mobile version of the game or that it does not carry over to the full version of the PC game. The official website is another excellent resource for details on the different editions and what they have to offer.


What upcoming mod trends might we expect? Even though there are constantly new mods being created and shared, this list includes some of the more interesting and fascinating mods that are suitable for Minecraft gamers of all ages. What are you waiting for if you haven’t already downloaded the Backpacked mod to increase your inventory?