How to Pose for Pictures and Look Good

One of the most interesting things about blogging is how many photos I take myself or have taken of others. Let me tell you, no matter how casual and effortless these photos seem, it is not an easy task. Talking about #firstworldproblems. Sometimes getting the perfect shot can feel like pulling teeth. This is why I couldn’t be a fashion blogger. It would be exhausting.

However, I have learned some quick tips over the years to speed up getting the perfect shot, saving me – and my dear Instagram husband – lots of time. These simple tips will help you get the best shot every time.

Let’s dive in to these 10 Simple Tips for Looking Better in Instagram Photos

1. Repeat after me, one foot forward

When someone takes your picture, the most natural pose is to place your feet straight down. It gives the photo movement and interest by stepping forward with one foot.

TIP Step forward on the balls and tiptoes of your feet. This will make your legs look longer and more elongated, making you appear taller.

2. Do not be afraid to move

It can be difficult to capture the perfect shot while moving. You will likely end up with several outtakes that will make you laugh for days. You can make a shot more interesting by adding movement. Move naturally and in the same way as you would in real life.

3. Sit Down

It is always comfortable to sit, which can make for a great shot. You will feel more natural and relaxed in front of the camera if you are comfortable. Get comfortable, so take a seat.

Tip Sometimes, a traditional chair can feel stiff and awkward. Instead, try sitting on stairs, the ground or a railing.

4. Step Back

Your landscape should be the focus. Take the photo of your subject and show it to them. This will add interest to your Instagram feed and make it easier to see the scene from a distance.

Tip – If you are able to capture the shot you want, you can take a picture without you being there. Show it to the person taking the photo. Then, show them the photo you like and ask them to take it again with you.

You can also buy Instagram likes cheap, if you cant pose.

5. Take a look back.

Ah, the over-the-shoulder “glance back.”

Tip: Be honest with yourself when you’re dealing with this issue. Think of it like you are telling a friend to hurry up and follow me. It is often best to look back as soon as the camera clicks. Let the photographer know when you are ready, then “snap!”

6. Do not neglect the back of your head

Listen, you’ve got nice hair. Sometimes, the best way to make things interesting is to take a “looking away” photo. These pictures are not only visually appealing, but also great for days when you don’t want makeup or are too tired to do so.

Get a Prop

Sometimes, it’s just half the battle to decide “what should my hands do with mine.” It’s hard to count how many times I have said “where the heck should I put my hand?” You can use a prop to get a natural shot that doesn’t feel awkwardly staged. You can use any prop, including a coffee, book, camera, purse, or cocktail.

7. Master the Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are, let’s be real, my best friend. This is the easiest way to get an outfit shot without much fuss. They’re a favorite of mine because I get great engagement on Instagram. Don’t forget the mirror selfie.

Tip Mix and match different combinations. Sometimes you can go full-body, other times you can just crop your head and go with the outfit. To avoid stumpy legs and an awkward camera angle, bring the camera closer to your midsection.

8. Sideways Glance is Your Best Friend

Casual sideways glances are a great choice. It creates a flattering profile that is almost always flattering. It gives you the cool, “OMG didn’t know there was a camera in front of my face” vibe. You can do a flawless hair flip there if you are a true pro.

9. If in doubt, look to the side.

You will not be let down by the downward glance. It works for everyone…just believe me. Nearly always, I snap a quick “look down” picture in case any other snaps don’t work.