9 Smart Ideas To Store Your Garden And Gardening Tools

Make your yard work clutter-free

It may seem simpler to toss your yard tools (think your shovel, rake, or garden cultivator) in the garage or onto the grass between uses. However, this can be very disrespectful to your equipment.

Yard and gardening tools should always be stored outside, where they will be most needed. However, it is important to keep them out of the way and away from other people. It’s not necessary to buy new equipment for smarter storage of your gardening tools or yard tools. Many outdoor storage solutions include items that are already in your yard or at home.

It’s helpful to organize your tools so that you can keep track of what you have and where you are. You can take good care and your tools will last for many years.

Use an old mailbox to make a new home.

You can make a tool bucket from scrap materials
Many households have large buckets made from plaster or other household products. These can be used to store tools. These handy 5-gallon buckets have a lid that protects tools from the weather elements.

A Shed is built

An outdoor shed has the best advantage: it protects your items from the elements but is still accessible outside during home improvement projects. You can store all of your gardening and yard tools in one place with sheds. Some sharp or heavy tools could be dangerous and fall onto pets or people, or worse, equipment. They can be safely stored in a shed, where they can be out of harm’s way and kept inside.

Use a Wood Pallet

A old wooden pallet can serve many purposes. One example is gardening and tool storage. They will keep the tools in one place, preventing them from falling and making it easy to reach when you need them. The best part is that this yard tool storage solution requires very little pallet refinishing, painting or preparation.
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Hang Some Hooks

Hooks offer endless storage and organization possibilities. Hooks can be used to hang tools and hoses, as well as other items. They can attach to almost any surface with enough space–from the fence to the garage to the exterior walls to the garage. Hooks can be found in most hardware stores. They can be used for everything, from cables to gardening tools to hoses, and keep them out of harm’s way.

Install racks into the fence

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A tool rack is a great way to keep your rakes or shovels off the ground. They are easy to trip over and cause injury. These racks are lightweight, can store a lot of tools, and take up very little space.

Make a pegboard

The pegboard can carry anything from garden shears to yard rakes. It can also be customized to fit any storage or organizational needs. Pegboards are great for hanging large tools vertically but also for small tools and accessories.

Grab Your Scrap Wood

You don’t want scrap wood to be laying around in your garage or attic taking up space. It is possible to use scrap wood for storage by building a shelf. This storage idea is so useful, you might even consider buying new building supplies to organize your messy garage. This is a good idea for heavier equipment like a snow blower or lawn mower. The tool may not be needed until next season but will still be available for you when it is.

Buy a Garden Storage Bench

If space is limited, it is best to buy items that can perform multiple tasks at once. Garden storage benches can be used to store small tools and provide a place for people to rest, or even place small potted plants.